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The Order Reads: Prologue. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black entered the building followed closely by James and Lily Potter. They had all graduated from Hogwarts a scant two months ago (two weeks later James and Lily had joined the countless couples who married early due to the heavy atmosphere that had settled upon the wizarding world).
(Sirius Black x OC) It's 1977 and Rain Ashby is starting her final year at Hogwarts with her best friend Lily Evans. Shortly after graduation, war breaks out and Lily joins the Order of the Phoenix. Join the Marauders as they plot against You-Know-Who's forces and watch as Sirius confronts P...

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I liked the clever explanation of Lily's protection and why Petunia's malicious feelings and remarks caused the reactions of everyone. Harry's pranking of Remus was very funny. I was glad that this story had a good ending with Peter being caught and Sirius freed. Harry's Marauders name of "Jack" for Wolfman Jack couldn't have been better.
Sirius and Remus never quite got together. What if the feelings were there, but the timing was never quite right. What if they both thought this or prioritized that, and it never really happened. What if there were drunken kisses, and an occasional lonely night spent together, but never anything more.

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I also thought it should be this way that Sirius and Remus should have lived and been together always thought from reading the books that they seemed closer than just friends. I also thought Harry would have been better gay I never liked him with Ginny. Thanks for writing a wonderful story through it's not the first time I have read it.

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HP - Remus Sirius by maxwell-kiddo on DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.

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Mar 18, 2018 - Oh my god Sirius looks like Keith from Voltron Legendary Defender

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Nov 05, 2011 · Unexpected Consequences Chapter 1: Flight, a harry potter fanfic - FanFiction.Net by Kimberlee18 Synopsis: Hermione has been living with Sirius and Remus in Grimmauld place for a year. Everything has been going well until one fateful full moon when the wolfsbane potion fails and Hermione gets bitten.

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1 AU Sirius and Lupin ended up with baby Harry that night and ran. Years later, they're found and forced to go to Hogwarts. As they try to adjust to the wizarding world again, they must prove their innocence and keep Harry alive.

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In a world where Sirius never went to Azkaban, two-year-old Harry is in the care of his godfather, and Remus. One day Sirius decides to put some shelves up...the Muggle way! As if Remus didn't already have his hands full coping with Harry-the-toddler.

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A Marauder's Plan by CatsAreCool is a Harry Potter Alternate Universe fanfic in which, at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius Black decides to stay in England and protect Harry. It can be read on and AO3.Tropes: Abusive Parents …

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Sirius and Remus raise Harry from age 4+, focuses more on the adults' development than Harry's. 2) Wishcraft. AU Complete. Sirius is suffering in Azkaban with 4 yr. old Harry, but not for long. Harry needs to go to Hogwarts. What about the Dementors and house elves? What about Remus? Can certain secrets be kept? Can Harry be kept safe?

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16 March, 1980. To Remus’ delight, they had served cherry tarts at dessert. The confection had never been a particular favorite of his own, actually, his weakness always lying more in the warming syrupy realm of chocolate and treacle and toffee, but as far back as he could recall they had been Sirius’ ultimate weakness.

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5 mars 2017 - Read 2 | Les Maraudeurs from the story The Marauders [En Pause] by Manon2910 (Bad Wolf) with 1,386 reads. amour, severus, ennemis. PDV James Nous attendons tou...

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Feb 09, 2019 · In Harry Potter fanfic, Lie Low at Lupin's is shorthand for stories (generally Remus/Sirius slash) set in the summer between Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix, in which Sirius follows Dumbledore's instructions to "Lie low at Lupin's for a while". “Sirius, I need you to set off at once. You are to alert Remus Lupin, Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher —the old crowd.

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Feb 03, 2009 · Summary: Sirius is an illiterate bastard, James doesn’t care for the Dark Arts, Peter just wants to pass Astronomy, and Remus is a werewolf. Hogwarts, years 1 and 2. Hogwarts, years 1 and 2. Oneshot, 6,000 Words.

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Harry immediately stood in front of his friends, hoping whatever had come over the werewolf earlier would happen again and Sirius had changed back into Padfoot, standing protectively next to Harry. Strangely the werewolf once again ignored the other humans and only paid attention to Harry.

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